Medical Negligence

Our NHS is a nationally cherished and treasured organisation and undoubtedly a world leader in the provision of healthcare. It is only right the NHS is the envy of many countries across the globe.

Unfortunately, despite best efforts, things do go wrong!

At Fairmont Legal, we assist clients who have suffered the consequences of incidents of Medical Negligence. Incidents of Medical Negligence can arise in all aspects of medical care provided by Medical Practitioners whether such care is provided by the NHS or by private healthcare facilities.

At Fairmont Legal, our Clinical Negligence team is led by Nick Berry. Nick is a Solicitor with considerable experience assisting clients in relation to matters arising from instances of Medical Negligence.

Due to a personal experience of an incident of Medical Negligence, Nick is able to take a sensitive but yet pragmatic approach to assist his clients.

“Until you have been on the other side of the fence, you cannot appreciate the consequences of when something goes wrong and the cause may be your medical professional!” (Nick Berry – Solicitor)

Clinical Negligence, Shows a Stethoscope on top of paperwork

Fairmont Legal is able to assist in all areas of Medical Negligence and below are examples of areas we specialise in;

  • Birth Injury Resulting in injury to Mother and/or Baby
  • Misdiagnosis or Delay in Diagnosis
  • Matters involving Surgery Mishaps
  • Incidents resulting in Brain Injury
  • Incidents resulting in Spinal Injury
  • Incidents resulting in Fatal Injury
  • Dental Negligence

At Fairmont Legal, we believe in a personal approach to matters arising from Medical Negligence. Embarking on the claim process is often a daunting step to take for our clients but with a sensitive but yet pragmatic and professional approach, we are confident we can guide you through the process and secure the best possible result.

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